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Presentments Fake News Media




07-01-2020 Emails Laura Ingraham









On 04-02-2020 at 3:15 PM, Laura Ingraham received information about Common Law Case Number: 20190131-DTAWND-RBD wherein Joaquin DeMoreta was tortured 29 hours in Sarasota Jail, Florida; U.S.A., under the authority of Defacto Attorney General Bill Barr.



On 04-08-2020 Laura Ingraham cover-up the criminal act of torturing Joaquin DeMoreta, by silence in the video title: One-On-One With Attorney General Bill Barr.



03-13-2020 Presentment Of Joint Summons, is about Common Law suits, demanding Justice for a Redress Of Grievances for Multiple victims, which suffered multiple crimes committed by Defacto Officers in the united States of America in the battle between “Rule Of Law” versus “Rule Of Court” wherefore the Forty [40] days to reply by the Defacto Officers expires 04-23-2020