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National Sheriffs Association

Presentments National Sheriffs Association




09-28-2022 National Sheriffs’ Association  

You Provoke God To Anger


09-08-2020 Presentment To National Sheriffs Association For Corrupted Members Causing:

“God Chastisements Among The People”



01-18-2020  One Hundred Thirty Days [130] And No Reply Received

Presentment Email Directed And Served To: “National Sheriffs Association.”




10-10-1279 Confirmation Of The Charters – Confirmatio Chartarum     


Clause 1. (3) and that our justices, sheriffs, mayors, and other ministers, which under us have the laws of our land to guide, shall allow the said charters pleaded before them in judgement in all their points, that is to wit, the Great Charter as the common law[*] and the Charter of the forest, for the wealth of our realm. 

Clause 2. AND we will, That if any judgement be given from henceforth contrary to the points of the charters aforesaid by the justices, or by any other our ministers that hold plea before them against the points of the charters, it shall be undone, and holden for nought. 



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