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Felony Crime Count #63

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Count I [1] Racketeering Seven Counts.
Count II [2] Extortion Seven Counts.

A.  Bundy Ranch Real Property Title Search, Certified Court Documents, Undeniable Evidence, Establish as follows:
Bundy Ranch has, All Local Custom Vested Rights, TO HAVE AND TO HOLD FOREVER; vested grazing rights; accrued water rights, for mining, agricultural, manufacturing or other purposes, and rights to ditches and reservoirs used in connection with such water rights, recognized and acknowledge by local customs, laws, and decisions of courts; hereby granted filed and RECORDED Land Patent Number 523793 at request of Samuel W. Darling July 5, 1916 at 3 min. past 10 A.M. in Book 5 Deeds, Page 49, Clark County, Nevada Records.

B.  On 02-10-1997 Undeniable evidence, Clark County, Nevada; represented by Karen Budd-Falen; Franklin J. Falen; owners for BUDD-FALEN LAW OFFICES, P.C; also Bruce E. Babbitt, dba Secretary for Department Of The Interior; Patrick Shea, dba Director for Bureau Of Land Management; Daniel P. Love, dba Special Agent in Charge for Bureau Of Land Management; Kathryn E. Landreth doing business as United States Attorney for Nevada, they all knew, that Bundy Ranch has, All Local Custom Vested Rights, TO HAVE AND TO HOLD forever; and extorted the Victim Cliven D. Bundy to sell the Bundy Ranch grazing range rights for the Bunkerville allotment or would be assessed against Cliven D. Bundy charges for criminal or civil liability and (monetary charges or prison time).

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