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Saint Johns County Cases

SCLGJ Case Number: 20131209-DTAWND-JMDF; Common Law Victim Joaquin Mariano DeMoreta Folch



Dear Lord Please Bless Abundantly Our Benefactors And Love Ones

04-13-2023 You Provoke God To Anger

04-01-2023 You Provoke God To Anger

04-01-2023 The crimes committed by your auto-self appointed elected government , as a result from Foreign Dominion Counting Machines manipulating the results of the rigged elections, is not “fear mongering nor doomsday” these crimes are reality. 

With your “Silence” Our God Command is that you incur sin through these crimes, you are complicit, you consent, and you are involve. 

Therefore: Currently you will have your “Eternal Reward in Hell”.

Currently “God Revenge” is not either “fear mongering nor doomsday” these revenge from Our God is reality too.

Wherefore: Wake up from your Syndrome of Ostrich!!! Fear Not!! Stand with Our Lord in the war against the deceits of the Devil, against the Principalities and Power, against the Rulers of this world of this Darkness, against the wicked evil spirits in high places, Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organized RICO against us.

Stand with our Lord, stand for the Truth, stand to secure the blessing of Liberty for ourself and for our Posterity, our children!!

“Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thy heart, but reprove him openly, lest thou incur sin through him.”

03-31-2023 You Provoke God To Anger

03-31-2023 World War III Step Two Nuclear War

03-29-2023 Ukraine has finally received Western tanks.


03-30-2023 World War III Step One Nuclear War

03-26-2023 You Provoke God To Anger

03-24-2023 FIRST LIGHT Rolling Fork Mississippi Tornado Damage. 

Courtesy Storm Chaser Jordan Hall video link:

F4 Tornado 25 Death Toll And Counting.

03-26-2023 World War III Step One Nuclear War.

For your Information Search: “Depleted Uranium In Iraq, then click images” and you will see the facts of what it is Depleted Uranium.

Courtesy  Link:

12-20-2022 “More than 20,000 civilians and more than 100,000 Ukrainian Military Officers have been Killed so far.”

03-26-2023 Earthquake death Toll in Turkey and Syria 50,000

Al Jazeera English Link Video:

03-13-2023 You Provoke God To Anger

03-05-2023 You Provoke God To Anger


02-12-2023 You Provoke God To Anger

01-25-2023 You Provoke God To Anger


01-13-2023 Revenge Is Mine, And I Will Repay Them In Due Time.



10-23-2021 Revenge Is Mine, And I Will Repay Them In Due Time.

Description: This video is about “To Do Not Surrender Our Constitutional Rights”, is about Deprivation of our Constitutional Rights, is not about a “Traffic Case”, is by the “Will Of God”, for the “Honor Of God”, for the “Glory Of God”, for the “Honor Of Our Predecessors”, for the “Honor Of Our Generation”, and for the “Honor Of Our Posterity”.



01-11-2014 We the People vote for Common Law Grand Jury in Gallatin County Montana

“We The People” by Overwhelm Majority Reestablished “Natural Law”. In Bozeman Public Library Room, Public Elections, by “Showing Hands for All to See, Counting The Votes” Restore Common Law, Natural Law, Federal Law, which is the “Rule Of Law” versus the “Rule Of Court”.

01/21/14 Writ of Mandamus [We Command you] Board Of County Commissioners

By Common Law Grand Jury Administrators In Saint Johns County, Florida

Served, Filed and Certified by Clerk of Court



Common Law Case Number: 20131209-DTAWND-JMDF





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