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Saint Johns County Cases

SCLGJ Case Number: 20131209-DTAWND-JMDF; Common Law Victim Joaquin Mariano DeMoreta Folch





10-23-2021 Revenge Is Mine, And I Will Repay Them In Due Time.

Description: This video is about “To Do Not Surrender Our Constitutional Rights”, is about Deprivation of our Constitutional Rights, is not about a “Traffic Case”, is by the “Will Of God”, for the “Honor Of God”, for the “Glory Of God”, for the “Honor Of Our Predecessors”, for the “Honor Of Our Generation”, and for the “Honor Of Our Posterity”.



01-11-2014 We the People vote for Common Law Grand Jury in Gallatin County Montana

“We The People” by Overwhelm Majority Reestablished “Natural Law”. In Bozeman Public Library Room, Public Elections, by “Showing Hands for All to See, Counting The Votes” Restore Common Law, Natural Law, Federal Law, which is the “Rule Of Law” versus the “Rule Of Court”.

01/21/14 Writ of Mandamus [We Command you] Board Of County Commissioners

By Common Law Grand Jury Administrators In Saint Johns County, Florida

Served, Filed and Certified by Clerk of Court



Common Law Case Number: 20131209-DTAWND-JMDF





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