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Florida Cases

SCLGJ Case Number: 20190123-DTAWND-DS; Common Law Victim Don Schiavone





07-22-2020  Don Schiavone Common Law Case In A Nutshell


07-22-2020 Don Schiavone Common Law Case In A Nutshell, is the Introduction for the Common Law Case about  Don Schiavone dba Fisherman, Father, Victim who strived to achieve justice since 2016 or attain justice in the face of difficulty or resistance by organized conspiracy white-collar crime, relating to the work done by those who work in an office or other professional environment, racketeering, Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organized aka RICO, by which these white-collar racketeering violators, and by larceny which is the felonious taking the property of another, without his consent and against his will, with intent to convert it to the use of the taker, consequently professional larcenous criminals, abusing the influence work of office, stole  Don Schiavone’s home, appraised in the unlawful website seller in the amount of $439,000.

Regarding Case Number: 20190123-DTAWND-DS



A.   On 05-11-2005 at 11:12 AM, Patricia Dye Schiavone dba Teacher, Mother, Victim, in which as victim, purchased her home, signed the Promissory Note Number: 648918797.

05-12-2005 Promissory Note Number: 648918797




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